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WaterScience CLEO Shower & Tap Filter – for Water Hardness & Chlorine (Municipal supply) – Standard Hardness Cartridge – SFU 717

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Product Description

hard water filter for better hair and skinhard water filter for better hair and skin

Clean, safe and healthy water for your hair & skin

4-layer filter for hard water, chlorine and sediments


hard water softenerhard water softener

removes chlorine smell removes chlorine smell

prevents bacteria growthprevents bacteria growth

Conditions Hard Water Salts

Removes harsh effects of hard water salts resulting in well-hydrated, nourished skin and hair, as well as reduced odour and lime-scale.

Filters Chlorine

Removes 95% chlorine from your water thereby protecting your hair & skin from its harsh properties

Removes bad odour & halts bacteria growth

Uses nano-silver carbon to remove bad smells and prevent bacteria


shower and tap filter for hardwatershower and tap filter for hardwater

easy installation for shower and tap filterseasy installation for shower and tap filters

shower and tap filtershower and tap filter

return policyreturn policy

Retrofit attachment

Fits onto 22mm, 24mm, 28mm taps or hand showers and 1/2 inch shower arms

3 min DIY installation

Complimentary installation kit for easy self installation. No plumber needed

Assured for 5 Years

Assured replacement against defects under normal residential use and conditions.

60 Day Return

Not happy with our product? Return it within 60 days to get full refund.

Compatible With

shower filter on a tapshower filter on a tap

shower filter on a handshowershower filter on a handshower

shower filter on showershower filter on shower

Fits standard taps

Fits hand showers

Fits shower heads

4-layer filtration technology

4 layer filter for reducing hardness4 layer filter for reducing hardness

With its unique 4 layer filtering system with Nano-Silver Carbon and patented KDF technology from the USA, the CLEO SFU 717 Shower & Tap Filter effectively filters chlorine and hard water salts giving you clean and healthy water for improved hair and skin.

Besides the reduction of chlorine and hardness, the CLEO SFU 717 Shower & Tap Filter also prevents bacteria growth, removes bad odours, and keeps your bathroom limescale free.

Chlorine and hard water salts in your bath water are among the most common causes of hair-fall, dry skin, brittle nails, and a range of other dermatological problems. Residual salts in the water cause bad odour and leave behind corrosive limescale all over your sanitary ware and heating appliances. CLEO’s unique 4-layer filtering system fights chlorine, hard water salts as well as other harmful water contaminants giving you a clean, healthy and refreshing shower every day.

Unique 4-layer filtering system for chlorine and hard water salts
Protects and hydrates your hair and skin – helps reduce hair fall, dermatological sensitivities
Easy 3 minute DIY installation. Complimentary installation kit included. No plumber needed.
Prevents limescale and eliminates bad odour and improves the effectiveness of hair and skincare products
Contains FILTER CARTRIDGE: For Hardness & Chlorine – Municipal/chlorinated water. Use other cartridge variant for High hardness – borewell/tanker water
Replacement cartridges with long cartridge life of 25,000 liters or up to 6 months (Actual life depends on usage and water quality)
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