Water Dispenser

GS Grow n Shine Manual Hand Press Water Dispenser Pump for Barrel Mineral Water-Bottle Jerry Cans, 20 -25 L

Price: ₹ 499.00 - ₹ 115.00
(as of Jun 12,2021 11:58:46 UTC – Details)

With the increasing use of large water barrels due to hygiene reasons, a solid water dispensing solution is the need of the hour. Featuring a unique and effective manual dispensing action, the GS Grow n Shine manual water dispenser pump fits the opening of most 20 to 25 litre water barrels for your ease of use. With an innovative vacuum action, you can instantly gain access to water without having to tilt or move the barrel. This pump is ideal for use in homes, offices, schools or even on camping trips.featuring a sturdy plastic body, the huilu manual water dispenser pump features an effective design that makes pumping water a hassle process. To use this pump, simply fit it properly on the mouth of the water barrel and press around 6-7 times to get a steady water flow from the specially designed outlet. To facilitate easy cleaning, this dispenser pump features a removable tube. Made from plastic, the huilu manual water dispenser pump is rated to last for a long time, even with regular use.

Your hand not touch to water, thus protecting your health which is our top priority!Dispenser is Vaccum action for easy pumping, just manually hand press down the blue pump head. The water valve also has closing cap.
The GS Grow n Shine manual water pumps are with 41 inches in height. Comes with standard screw cap.Dispenser has a small closing cap to avoid germs.
This Water Bottle/Jug Hand Pump is a manual pump for bottled water that is great for camping, sports, home, school, office and more. The hand pump is easy to assemble and the pump tubes are removable for easy cleaning. The pump’s adapter fits most standard water jugs and can be switched to a different jug in just seconds. Easy to use – just press down the pump head – manual operation no power required.
Easy to install and use, just press down the pump head. Manual operation no power required, innovative vacuum action for easy pumping(See last image which explain you how to install).