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ExclusiveLane ‘Amber & Teal’ Studio Pottery Handled Ceramic Soup Bowls with Spoons & with Handle (Set of 2, 300 ML, Dishwasher & Microwave Safe), Amber with Teal tints, Standard (EL-005-698)

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ExclusiveLane is the World’s crafts and design store started in 2012 with a vision to promote crafts globally & help small artisans based in different parts of India earn a living out of it. We currently work with 100 plus artisans & craftsmen across India & help them in developing the end product, right from the ideation phase. Each product is uniquely handmade & hand painted with miniature details by skilled craftsmen. Currently, we have merchandise across 22 different art forms like Warli, Madhubani, Dhokra, Wooden Carving, Wooden Engraving, Pyrography, Channaptana, Gond painting, Sanjhi, Mithila hand-painting & Studio Pottery, etc and have products across multiple categories like Home & Decor, Lighting, Kitchen & Dining, Furniture & Furnishing, made in different materials like terracotta, Teak & Sheesham wood, Ceramic, Brass, Canvas etc.



The ‘Amber & Teal’ set of 2 Soup Bowls and 2 Spoons are perfect to serve soup, broth and custards while at your tables. The set is elegantly handcrafted in ceramic in amber colour with palm leaves embossing and tints of magical teal on its rims. The bowls are also ideal to be used to have cereals at your breakfast.


Perfect to serve soup, broth and custards. Can also be used to have cereals in breakfast.Comes with palm leaves embossing.The product is dishwasher and microwave safe.The product is lead free.Made in Ceramic.Handmade & Handglazed Studio Pottery double fired at 1280 degree celsius.Comes in Amber with Teal tints on rims.The Volume of the Soup Bowl is 300 ml.The weight of the Soup Bowls are 798 grams.The weight of each Soup Bowl is 399 grams.Comes with 2 Soup bowls and 2 Spoons.





COLOR: Amber with Teal TintsMATERIAL: CeramicART TYPE: Handmade & Handglazed Studio Pottery double fired at 1280 degree celsius.


DIMNESIONS: BOWLS: (L * W * H) = (6.1 * 4.8 * 2.5), SPOONS: (L * W) = (5.2* 1.7) InchPACKAGE CONTENT: 2 Soup Bowls, 2 Soup Spoons


This is not a Bone China Product. Pottery dipped in Amber and Sprayed on with Teal



Use Mild Detergent.Avoid using Abrasive material for cleaning.

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Pompeii, a city on the Italian coastline with rich volcanic soil and luxurious lifestyle flourishing down its line slowly embarked its way as a captivating resort town where the tourists, townspeople celebrated the religious festival of Vulcan, The God of Fire. The city with beautifully built monumental complexes was abruptly lost with the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and froze in its ultimate sophistication under a thick layer of ash. Rediscovered after ages, the city still held the true essence and secrets in its remnants which transpired to the artists around the globe to decipher the lost glory and continue to amplify the legacy through their art in the hearts of the generations to come.

Inspired by the rich and exuberant ancient heritage of the Roman Empire and the volcanic eruption of Pompeii, Our artisans gracefully handglazed the perfect union between Amber, the aggressiveness of Lava, and teal, the calming essence of nature and time. The style of ceramic traces back to the ancient roman stoneware depiction and has been made available in various categories including tableware, oil-bottles, vases, table tea-light holders, candle-holders and bathroom accessories. “Amalgamation of Amber & Teal” truly combines mutuality of Roman tragedies and fine pottery to quench your appetite for timeless designs and exalting your minds and the moods of people living anywhere near the boundaries of your lines.

VOLUME: 300 ML, PACKAGE CONTENT: 2 Soup Bowls, 2 Soup Spoons
Perfect to serve soup, broth and custards. Can also be used to have cereals in breakfast
MATERIAL: Ceramic, ART TPYE: Handmade & Handglazed Studio Pottery double fired at 1280 degree celsius
This is handmade studio pottery & is not a bone china product