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PureMe Linen Reusable N95 Anti Pollution Mask with 2 PM2.5 Filters and Detachable Headband (Without Valve, Pack of 1) for Unisex

Price: ₹ 349.00
(as of Jun 13,2021 14:44:46 UTC – Details)

Product Description

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Gracing us with her Superior Softness, her Undisputed Strength, her Top-notch Permeability and her Subtle yet unmistakable whiff of Finesse is – Linen, The Goddess of Luxury.

Sure, we got a little excited. But do you blame us?

linen maskslinen masks

Think Premium, Think Linen

Linen is derived naturally from a Flax plant. It is soft as silk. It endures an intensive process of combing and weaving that makes it strong & long-lasting. Linen stands the test of time and weather.

Our Premium Linen Masks offer all the goodness and richness of the luxurious fabric, equipped with our state-of-the-art filtration technology.

When it comes to our masks, our ‘Excalibur’ is Linen, The Goddess of Luxury herself.

That is how much we are in love with, and in awe of our Linen Masks. We hope it does the trick for you too.

Long live, Linen!

Benefits of PureMe Linen Reusable Anti Pollution Mask


9 layer filtration9 layer filtration

soft on every washsoft on every wash


Made from flax plans, Linen is known to be one of the most breathable fabrics. It’s moisture absorbent properties and ability to keep away static make it the perfect face covering.

9 layer Filtraton

Stay protected with four layers of linen along with five-layer PM2.5 filter. This provides maximum safety by ensuring the most minute dust particles and pollutants are filtered out.

Soft and comfortable

Our Linen masks become softer and more absorbent after every wash! How? Well, that’s the magic of Linen!

filter maskfilter mask

How to use?

1) Open the package with a big smile on your face. Just do it!

2) The package has 1 Linen mask and 2 PM2.5 filters. Insert one filter in the cavity made inside the mask.

3) The mask in itself can be used regularly for over 15 days or whenever you feel like it’s time to give it a quick handwash. Do not wash the mask with the inserted filter.

4) The filter shouldn’t be washed but you can gently sanitize and air dry it, if need be.

5) Most importantly, your mask is 100% reusable. That means wash, air dry, use and repeat at your leisure. And get some of our lovely filter combos for extended use of these masks. (Remember those filters are important. The mask can only filter out bigger toxic particles but when it comes to smaller pollutants that are the size of 1/70th of human air, you need our PM2.5 filters. So, don’t shy away from using those filters.)

Exquisite Collection


teal blueteal blue


Charcoal Grey

Teal Blue

Lime Green

rust orangerust orange



Rust Orange



Highly breathable and its moisture absorbent properties make it perfect for every season
9-layer filtration through four layers of linen and 5-layer PM2.5 filter
Very smooth and gets softer with every wash
It has no static and pilling problems

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