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Mi KN95 Certified Reusable Multi-layered Protective Mask (Pack of 2, Filtration >97%)

Price: ₹ 500.00 - ₹ 249.00
(as of Jun 12,2021 18:12:20 UTC – Details)

Mi KN95 protective mask equipped with advanced 4 layer filtration technology that keeps you safe from dangerous viruses, microbes, pollutants, dust, particulate matter. The outer most layers are made up of non woven material which helps in filtering the bigger particles and enhance breathability where as two layers of melt blown helps in filtering bacteria/virus and smaller particle from reaching the skin. Mi KN95 Protective mask has been certified in lab for Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) greater than 95% for size over 3 micron and Particle filtration efficiency(PFE) greater than 95% for size over 0.3 micron. The mask is designed ergonomically to snug fit around your face to provide 360 deg protection. Adjustable nose pin can be moulded as your nose shape to block any air leakage between the mask and nose, thus helps in keeping the spectacles fog free. Evenly perforated small pores and cup shape structure provides optimum breathability. The mask uses softer and high elastic ear loops makes it easier to wear for longer duration.

4 layer filtration technology.
Certified in lab for Bacteria Filtration Efficiency(BFE) greater than 95% for size over 3 micron.
Certified in lab for Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) >95% for size over 0.1 micron.
No-fogging on your spectacles as the mask perfectly mount around your nose eliminating any air gap between the nose and the mask.
Nose pin that can be moulded as per your nose shape for tight fit.
Optimum breathing as the cup shape of the mask offers ample airflow and evenly perforated small pores on the mask helps in blocking out particulate matter which helps evenly with inspiratory and expiratory resistance.
No more pain around your ears as the softer and high elastic ear loops makes it easier to wear for longer duration. Soft and skin friendly non woven fabric weighs less than 5 grams.

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