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AWG All Weather Gear Proshield SN95 Extra Breathable Washable Reusable Fask Mask with Earloop Adjuster

Price: ₹ 597.00 - ₹ 299.00
(as of Jun 13,2021 14:27:21 UTC – Details)

Special Multi-layer Protective Face Masks from AWG All Weather Gear. These masks are specially BEAK shape designed to provide additonal breathing space and comfort all day long. AWG Mask ensures Comfort during long duration. Beak shape design ensures proper fit and cupping to the face. This also reduces strap marks on the face due to less pressure on the face skin. Special Adjusters are provide on the earloops which helps in adjusting the Mask to your face by tightening pr loosening the mask as per your convenience. The fabric used is Anti-Pollution, Anti-Dust and thus keeps you safe from the outer pollution. These Masks are Reusable and can be Resanitized. Please read the Instructions on how to use the Mask. Also follow instructions on how to Wash and Sanitize them.
Earloops are provided with “Adjusters” which can be moved along the Earloops and tightened or loosened as per your comfort and face fit. The outer Mesh layers obstructs the coarser and heavy particulars. The â??Middle Layersâ? filter the finer particles. Superfine Inner Layers of Fabric ensures additional protection. Smooth inner fabric is breathable and comfortable to wear
Soft Nose Pin is stitched inside the Mask for additional Safety and Comfort Fit. This Nose Pin can be pressed according to your Nose shape. This ensures the Mask to fit perfectly on your Nose and also increases your lower visibility when the mask is worn (which is obstructed in Hard Nose Pin Masks)
Specially designed Mini Cup Shape ensures proper fit to your Face with good comfort and avoids Air leakage. This Mask is Washable (Upto 30-50 washes) and can be Sanitized and Reused (*Please refer to the Wash Care Instructions for a cleaner and safer washed Mask)
This face cover is not recommended for either health workers or those working with or in contact with infected patients as these categories of people are required to wear specified protective gear Please read instructions on how to wear the Mask in a proper way for right protection and safety. Also please read and follow the instructions on how to Wash and Reuse the Mask and ways to Sanitize them