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Vayu Natural – Air Purifier, Deodorizer & Portable Dehumidifier For Room, Office, Basement (Activated Charcoal Bag, 500gms, Pack of 1)

Price: ₹ 990.00 - ₹ 849.00
(as of Jun 16,2021 12:49:50 UTC – Details)

Product Description



Car Air PurfierCar Air Purfier

Smell RemoverSmell Remover

Traps Allergens & Bacteria

“I placed a Vayu Bag in my drawing room and was surprised to witness that my husband’s sneezing allergies have disappeared.” – Megha Roy

Allergies are more than annoying; they hinder the quality of your life.

Experience an allergen-free and bacteria-free surroundings. Vayu Bag is lab-tested & proven to absorb 99% airborne bacteria.

Dehumidifier For Rooms

Say bye-bye to the dampness and the moisture smell at locations like living spaces, bedrooms, office spaces, washrooms, or your cupboard. Vayu Bag absorbs the excess humidity and gives you relief from the problem of dampness and thus prevents mold & mildew.

Natural Odor Remover & Deodorizer

Feel awkward when you enter your basement and are attacked with a lot of smells or when you come home after a weekend getaway? Not now.

Place a Vayu Bag and experience the issue of smells becoming a thing of the past. You’ll not even realize that there were smells ever.

One Solution for multiple locations



Baby AreaBaby Area

Bedroom – a place where love blossoms

Lobby/ Living Spaces – positive & healthy vibes only

Work Desk/ Kids’ Study Table

Why Vayu Natural should be your only choice for a charcoal air purifier

3 Layer Technology3 Layer Technology


Unique Standee DesignUnique Standee Design

Best Technology – 3 Layers

The only charcoal bag with different layers for different particle sizes. Your house has different problems such as smell, humidity, cleaning chemicals, paint smells, bacteria, allergens, etc. Therefore, one type of charcoal is insufficient to handle all your problems.

Vayu Bag is equipped with different layers of activated charcoal for the BEST PERFORMANCE.

Only Charcoal Bag with Linen Exterior

Linen is scientifically proven for its anti-bacterial properties and hygroscopic qualities. Other charcoal bags are made up of Jute which is not at all recommended because it becomes a house of mold & mildew once it gets wet.

Cool Standee Designs – Hangs and Sits Anywhere

Hang it or place it, the choice is yours. Your Vayu Natural Air Purifying Bag is portable and does not require batteries or electricity to run. Place it where it is needed.


Works Along with Electric Air Purifiers

Vayu Natural “Activated Charcoal Bag” works well along with Electric Air Purifiers. In fact, no “Activated Charcoal Bag” can replace Air Purifiers because of its particle size limitations.

*** CAUTION ***

Any company claiming a charcoal bag to be a replacement for an electric air purifier or their charcoal bag is a non-electric air purifier is an amateur in the air purification industry and is fooling you. Do not trust such companies.

Electric Air Purifiers work on larger particles like PM10, PM2.5, Dust, etc., whereas, Vayu Bag captures those particles that cannot be handled by the electric air purifiers due to its mechanism*** such as bacteria, smells, moisture, mold & mildew, VOCs, etc. All these particles are very small in size and can only be handled by a natural filter i.e. Activated Charcoal only.***

Choose Vayu, Build a Healthy Future.

MOST EFFECTIVE & LONG-LASTING: It is your natural freshener for rooms and can be home odor eliminator or a dehumidifier for bedroom. Don’t fall for any fancy looking charcoal bag and trust only Vayu Natural as it is the only charcoal air purifier that is equipped with proprietary 3-layer technology for BEST PERFORMANCE for more than AN YEAR.
ULTRA VERSATILE: Don’t just consider it as a non-electric air purifier for car (SUVs, SEDANs, TRUCKS, etc.) or just an charcoal bag for car, the Vayu Bag is much more than that. It will reduce your dampness in the rooms due to humidity and prevent mold & mildew, bacteria & allergens that cause allergies and asthma.
VAYU VS OTHERS: Unlike ordinary activated charcoal bags that claim tall but perform less, Vayu Natural is the only charcoal air purifier bag that is certified by a NABL accredited lab for its efficacy. So don’t just pick up a fancy bag choose your charcoal air purifier bag, WISELY. Vayu Bag is the only charcoal air purifier that is equipped with proprietary 3-layer technology to handle maximum range of pollutants and give you the BEST PERFORMANCE that you deserve!
DEHUMIDIFIER FOR HOME: Vayu Bag is an activated charcoal air purifier that reduces humidity and keep your place dry, fresh & odor free. Experience a healthy & natural environment, without any smells. moisture or chemicals around! Be it near your babies/ near the elderly or near your furry ones, Vayu Bag can be placed alongside anyone & everyone and needs no replacement for around AN YEAR.