Air Cooler

HAVAI Submersible Pump Big Cooler Suitable for Tower and Personal Coolers (Blue, 4 ft )

Price: ₹ 549.00 - ₹ 449.00
(as of Jun 12,2021 16:22:25 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Havai - Home of Quality Appliances Havai - Home of Quality Appliances

Multiple Spares and Covers for Various Brands & Cooler Models

Honeycomb PadsHoneycomb Pads

Electric ComponentsElectric Components

Filter Nets and other AccessoriesFilter Nets and other Accessories

Anti-Bacterial Cooler CoversAnti-Bacterial Cooler Covers

Honeycomb Pads

We are providing a wide premium range of Cellulose Honeycomb Pads for various models. The Pads for Coolers need replacement every one or two seasons and hence our range will help you order the same for your cooler from the comfort of your homes.

Electrical Components

We understand that getting electrical components for different models of Air Coolers is a painful exercise as the components are specific in nature. Therefore we have a range of Electric Motors, Pumps, Swing Motors to help you get the same at a click of a button.

Air Cooler Accessories

We are providing a range of Accessories of Air Coolers that need regular replacements and can be a pain point to get from the market. We have a host of Filter Nets, Castor Wheels, Knobs with Rotary Switches and Cooler Stands to aid you with your product post the purchase.

Air Cooler Anti Bacterial Covers

We understand that Air Coolers are a seasonal product and post their usage in the season are kept in a corner. Therefore we are providing Anti Bacterial Covers for almost all popular models to help you keep your Air Cooler in best possible condition and keep diseases at bay.

Can you use this pump for any Personal Cooler ? No, kindly use this pump for the cooler models mentioned because all Air Coolers have different fitting of the pump to the tank. In this case this pump is suitable for the mentioned models
The Air Cooler will work better with a higher LPM/Wattage Submersible Pump ? No, the Air Cooler always works best with the specified Pump because a higher LPM Pump can lead to water droplets coming out with the Air and a lower LPM can lead to Honeycomb not getting wet.
What is the best way to improve performance of the Submersible Pump in the Air Cooler? Ensure that you switch on the pump of the Air Cooler when there is water in the tank. Also ensure that the water does not have dirt because that can lead to the pump being blocked.
In order to maintain the performance of the Air Cooler we recommend that you buy our HAVAI Cooler Cover to ensure that the Air Cooler stays dust free when not in use. HAVAI Plastic Cover ensures that all the critical components of the Air Cooler remain safe and free from dust and moisture.

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