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Evaporative Air Cooler,Personal Air Cooler,Portable Mini Air Cooler with Battery + Remote

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Product Description

WILDYAK Personal Air CoolerWILDYAK Personal Air Cooler


Charging Power: 10W

Water Tank Capacity: 500ml (the highest water level line)

Power Display:Yes

Humidifier Mode: Left,Right,Double Humidifier

Use Time: 3-8 hours, affected by the environment humidity and temperature

Product size: 6*4*9.8 inch

Material: ABS

Color Light:7 Colors + Gradient

Range of Use: personal use is recommended for best results

Wind Speed: three-speed wind speed adjustment; long press the power to shut down

Timing: 2/4 hours timing

Air guide angle adjustment: angle 80°

portable designportable design

longer use timelonger use time

remote controlremote control

portable design:

Portable folding handle, strong and firm, very easy to move.(It is not recommended to add water before moving)

longer use time:

With 4000 mah rechargeable battery, you can use it normally even if there is no power supply.

remote control:

Wireless remote control, you don’t have to walk in front of the fan to control him, the remote control has all the control functions

three speed mode three speed mode

office air cooleroffice air cooler

low noise air coolerlow noise air cooler

air cooler air cooler

No water splashes, friendly to your electronic equipment and paper books

Low noise, mobile at any time, good assistant for fitness

Just put it on a flat desktop,

it can provide you with cool air everywhere.

air coolerair cooler

Steps for usage

The first step is to open the water tank

In the second step, soak the sponge stick in water for 1 minute, and then insert it into the base. (Be careful not to lose the spring)

The third step is to put ice cubes first, then water, and then merge the bases (the water volume is not recommended to exceed two-thirds of the actual water volume)

The fourth cloth, long press the button, turn on the switch, test whether the switch is normal

(It is recommended to prepare ice water in advance, or add crushed ice to the existing water, it is recommended to prepare ice water in advance)

❄3 Speeds 3 Fogs: Portable air cooler, with three adjustable wind speed, natural wind, sleep wind, strong wind + 80°up and down wind; 3 kinds of fogging measures, left fog, right fog and double fog. This air cooler atomizes like a humidifier, but it won’t wet your desk and books. (note: This mini air cooler is only for personal use not for cooling the whole room.)
❄Large-capacity Battery: This portable air cooler use 4000mah rechargeable can use it for a longer time with one charge.Package include a USB fast charger cable ,so the mini air cooler can be recharged by your mobile phone charger,pc usb port, car charging port and power bank.
❄Portable Remote Control: This air cooler include a full-featured mini portable remote control, you can control this evaporative air cooler anywhere within 2 meters without walking in front of you. (when you use it, take care to remove the battery protection gasket at the rear of the remote control)
❄Smart Air Cooler: There are two automatic timers (2h/4h) for this personal air cooler to ensure that you will not catch a cold when you fall asleep. 7 kinds of gradient lights can be used as night lights. Portable fan design, the mini air cooler is only 9.5 inches high, does not take up too much space, and is easy to carry and move.
❄500ML Water Tank: Different from most of the 400ml small evaporative air coolers that often add water on the market, we have specially newly added a 500ml large-capacity water tank to increase the cooling time. The water can be sprayed long time. With a large display screen, you can select and observe the current status of the product.