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BLAUX Portable AC G2 – Blast Auxiliary Small Evaporative Air Cooler For Room | 2000 mAh USB Battery Powered Portable Swamp Cooler | Mini Portable Cooling Fan for Bedroom | Ultra-Quiet Indoor AC Fan

Price: $94.99 - $89.99
(as of Jun 16,2021 11:02:40 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Blaux Portable AC HeaderBlaux Portable AC Header

Just add water - Personal CoolerJust add water - Personal Cooler

Mini AC portable benefitsMini AC portable benefits

Quiet Personal CoolerQuiet Personal Cooler

Mini Cooler mood lightingMini Cooler mood lighting

Portable Cooler with Replaceable Air Filter Portable Cooler with Replaceable Air Filter

Whisper Quiet Cooling with Humidifier Function

Unlike traditional fans and air conditioning, Blaux Portable AC is quiet & adds moisture to the air to prevent your skin, eyes and nasal passages from drying out.

Rechargeable Desktop Air Cooler with Mood Lighting

Cordless, compact and lightweight, Blaux Portable AC goes where you go to sustain the perfect temperature night or day. Get hours of cooling with a big 2000mAh high capacity battery.

Changeable Water Curtain & Water Misting

Lasting up to 6 months, the Blaux Portable Cooler comes with a mold-preventing Water Curtain, allowing water to evaporate whilst the misting device sprays a cool, refreshing mist.

Water Curtain Air Conditioner Air Filter Water Curtain Air Conditioner Air Filter

Mood LightingMood Lighting


SMALL PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER WITH RAPID COOLING – The Blaux Portable AC breeze maxx air cooler is an ultra-portable USB air cooler & rechargeable air cooler with an optional humidifier for ice-cool air and ultimate personal cooling. Blaux mini portable AC has a unique rapid-cooling feature. Our portable AC unit will help you feel a fresh sea breeze in seconds.
CLEAN INDOOR AIR CONDITIONER WITH AIR FILTER – Feel refreshed and revitalized. This portable desk air cooler with AC filter uses a water curtain filter, the mini desk cooler cleans the air around you by removing dust and hair, making sure you breathe easy, with every breath.
SMALL PORTABLE AIR COOLER – Bring the breeze with you! This small air cooler is lightweight, easy to carry and has a compact design. It’s the perfect personal air cooler for desktops and anywhere you need a fresh breeze on-demand.
ULTRA QUIET AIR COOLER – Create your own purified oasis. Blaux Portable AC. runs near silent and has a selection of custom mood lights, which creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere with a touch of a button. The air cooler fan is the perfect portable mini air cooler for personal use, or anywhere you need an ice air cooler with clean, fresh comfort.
RECHARGEABLE BATTERY POWERED BREEZE MAX PORTABLE AC – Blaux personal AC cooler is where sleek, contemporary design meets powerful technology, fitting into any space with ease. The portable battery operated air cooler has got a 2000 mAh Battery & built-in USB charging port, so you can power it up with a power bank or socket anywhere you go. Use your energy efficient portable AC on the go. Add to cart today!